Root Chakra Laser-Engraved Essential Oil Diffuser Pendant


Our Root Chakra Essential Oil Diffuser Pendants are hand-crafted. Using reclaimed hardwoods, they are hand cut, drilled, individually sanded, and laser-engraved to create a unique, quality pendant that darkens and richens in color with use.

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Root Chakra Essential Oil Pendant

The root chakra is the representation of our foundation. It is present at the spinal base and imparts you with a grounded feeling. When there is no blockage in the root chakra, we have different confidence when facing some kind of obstacle and getting through anything. But when it is not open, we feel as if the ground between our feet has slipped away, like we are on unstable ground.

This chakra defines the relationship between you and Mother Earth. It impacts our energy, imagination, youthfulness, passion, vitality, and essential survival instincts. The color representing the root chakra is red, which means rational thinking, the order in lifestyle, and logic.

It is also a symbol of our body strength, sexuality, and fight and flight reactions that activate any danger. The root chakra directly connects with our nose, which is the sense of smell, and is connected to a gland called Gonads. It develops from the age of 1 to 7.

Color: Red
Associated with pelvis, sex organs, legs and hips.
Essential Oils to support the root chakra: Black pepper, cedarwood, cinnamon, clove, myrrh, patchouli, vetiver, frankincense, rosewood, ylang ylang, sandalwood, tea tree, thyme, ginger, and rosemary.

Essential Oil Safety:

Not all essential oils are created equally. I’m proud knowing that oils produced by Young Living® will never compromise by adding synthetics, contaminants, or cheap fillers, or by using unethical production practices. There is an exacting process of sourcing products from carefully vetted corporate-owned farms, partner farms, and Seed to Seal®-certified suppliers and testing them extensively.

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