Laser-Engraved Diffuser Pendants

Essential oil diffuser pendants are a convenient way to reap the many benefits of aromatherapy.

How They Work

The wooden pendants soak in and hold the essential oils, and when body heat is applied, it causes the oils to bring out the beauty and spread the aroma throughout the area. Benefits of diffusing essential oils include…

…Improves Mood and Reduce Stress: Diffusing essential oils can help to reduce stress and anxiety, lift mood, and promote relaxation.

…Improved Sleep: Diffusing essential oils can help to create a calming atmosphere, which can promote better sleep.

…Boosts Immunity: Diffusing essential oils can help to reduce inflammation, fight bacteria, and boost the immune system.

…Cleanse the Air: Diffusing essential oils can help to purify the air by removing odors and bacteria.

…Enhance Focus and Concentration: Diffusing essential oils can help to increase focus, concentration, and clarity.

…Reduce Pain: Diffusing essential oils can help to reduce pain and inflammation.

Dreams of Diamond
All of our dreams are like diamonds
They glitter and dazzle our eyes
Our minds in amazement and wonder
Their worth more than we realize

Their beauty exquisite beyond compare
Securely withstanding the test of time
They bring riches and value to our future
Dreams that are meant to be mine
-Paul Marz

The above poem is from my friend Paul Marz who (as far as I know) first created diffuser pendants -from repurposed discarded branches- as a way to help bring D. Gary Young’s dream of bringing Young Living Essential Oils to every home in the world a reality. Paul was my inspiration in the creation of the laser-engraved pendants offered on this site. Paul’s site Essential Racks is a great source of handcrafted racks to keep essential oil bottles neat and organized.

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