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Bonnie & Debbie talked about Myra Yarbrough, New Youngest Royal Crown Diamond experience of becoming top ranking lady. North Alabama, Learning to get along with sibling you can get along with others. Homemade wrapping paper Parents praying together…gift wrapper, debt free during college, childhood sweetheart 9 & 10 debt piled up when married… 2008 Kingdom First MOM blog Alyssa Frances Personal online saving and clipping Myblesslife.net 2010 DIY Natural Living… gained weight during Midwife 2 baby 70 lbs August 2012 $150.00 not doing business… products 6 months and blog them. January 2013 September 2013 Executive Intervene December Silver 2013 January 2014 Gold Corporate cares from the heart… Gary Why not money only health July 2014 Diamond Hubby Retired December 2014 Crossfit- January 2015 Crown Diamond Monthly Classes alternate between Education or Business Bottle of NingXia Red Drinking and using Amazing birth 2015 Group effort.. Rank up at each Convention You make it work when promotions happen. Help team find financial freedom What’s your why? Travel freedom Share from your heart and share the way you live your life. Top 6 Hot Mess Moms 1 be faithful consent juggling to make it work 2 be consistent solution to problems, lack of growth (is lack of consistency) set time aside to do things daily.. Audience will trust you if you do daily 3 be generous appreciation and recognition (bless to give then receive)
people work harder for praises then raises.